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PEA is a landscape architect firm striving to provide beautiful and effective design solutions aimed at maximizing the potential of your outdoor space, no matter how large or small. We work locally in the landscapes we know, to best serve the needs of our clients.


Originally established in 1976, we’ve continually served public and private clients’ site planning and landscape design needs throughout Indiana, Michigan & Illinois. We combine our expertise with you and your community’s vision to design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your site.

Meet the Team

Jon Ruble, landscape architect

Principal Landscape Architect

Jon Ruble, PLA

t: 219.299.3383


Stuart Franzen, landscape architect

Landscape Architect Emeritus

Stuart Franzen, PLA

jim forrester, landscape architect

Principal Landscape Architect

Jim Forrester, PLA

t: 312.521.9233


Kathy Ruble


Kathy Ruble

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