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Planned Environment Associates, Inc. was founded over 40 years ago with the goal of providing beautiful and effective design solutions aimed at maximizing the potential of your space, no matter how large or small. We combine our expertise with your vision to design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your family or business.
Planned Environment Associates, Inc. was founded in 1976

We owe our success to providing responsive and creative design service to our Clients. We listen to our Clients and develop schemes that take advantage of our years of experience and hundreds of projects. We have encountered every type of challenge that faces today's site development. Whether you are rehabilitating a tired landscape or starting with the clean slate of a new site, we can work as part of a team for the best solution. It is all about collaboration. The interaction between the Client and the Planned Environment Associates Staff is what a successful project is all about.

Our positive working relationship with the area landscape contractors continues the collaborative effort all the way through construction.

About Our Firm

It is all about experience and service. Whatever the scale or budget of the project, Planned Environment Associates provides the client with the highest level of service possible. Our staff averages over thirty five years of experience in landscape architecture. Over those years, we have been fortunate to be involved with great clients and exciting projects. There is a level of trust that is bestowed to us to work on both challenging and fun projects. We work diligently to maintain that trust. Our designs are custom to each and every project. We not only listen to clients, we listen to our consultants, contractors, and suppliers to keep up with the latest designs and products. Technology has allowed us to make our projects a team effort. Design solutions must provide good value and respect the existing site conditions simultaneously. It is that balance that has allowed us to attain projects and keep our clientele over the years. We communicate over the duration of the project and beyond. It is that passion that sets Planned Environment Associates apart from the competition.

Design Philosophy

Our design solutions are all created to the unique needs of our clients. We listen to the individual tastes and lifestyle requirements of each client and provide solutions that will best suit their needs. You must first respect the natural environment and existing conditions of each site. Design possibilities can be discussed after site conditions, client needs, and budget are all identified. We are versed on plant material, drainage, natural stone, man-made pavers and walls, and construction techniques to bring it all together in the design. We also emphasize sustainable solutions in all of all projects.

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