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Planned Environment Associates has kept up with technology. We've recognized the benefits of software training and practice, and we've invested in computer hardware and software to meet the challenges of being part of today's design team.
1.) Landscape Designs

Landscape Plans are required more and more by municipal agencies for project approval.


Planned Environment Associates reviews local landscape codes and interprets the impact on your project.

2.) Color Renderings


Color Renderings are created with Photoshop software.


The renderings can be reproduced at a large scale for public presentations or small scale for sales brochures.

Hearn Render.jpg
3.) 3-Dimensional Sketches

Three dimensional programs such as SketchUp assist us in creating views that help communicate the design intent. 

These views can also be part of marketing efforts for your project.

4.) Construction Drawings

Construction drawings and specifications allow the project to be competitively bid. Contractors can bid "apples to apples" when putting their bids together.

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